CERES is a dynamic community of over sixty researchers focused on the realizing the vision of Unstoppable Computing. The center of these activities is the Department of Computer Science at the University of Chicago and includes activities in the traditional technical areas of distributed systems, operating systems, networking, programming systems, computer architecture, high performance computing, and security.

CERES Mission Statement

The advance of computing has produced extraordinary capabilities and cost-effectiveness, driving the proliferation of computing into every aspect of society (commerce, government, entertainment, and social activity). However today's computing systems are fragile, failing without warning, suffering intermittent outages, and requiring expert management or repair. CERES mission is to bring together leadership companies with top faculty and student researchers at the University of Chicago Department of Computer Science to create new foundations for "Unstoppable Computing". Our new approaches reduce fragility and complexity of computing systems, but also increase their efficiency and lifetime. Our research activities span data management and analytics, cloud software, storage, programming systems, computer architecture, high-performance, and security. CERES researchers collaborate with our partners to create ground-breaking new integrated perspectives, capabilities, and robust solutions.

CERES Center Approach

CERES' approach brings together leadership companies with top faculty and student researchers at the University of Chicago Department of Computer Science. With a unique collaborative research project formulation approach, it leverages the industry resources and perspective, combining them with deep and long-range rigorous intellectual inquiry that is the hallmark of the University of Chicago. Together, we are creating ground-breaking advances in the field of computing systems.

CERES Center History

CERES was founded by a small group of CS faculty in 2014, with the goal of fostering industry-academic colloboration, faculty collaboration, and a focal point for Systems activity at UChicago. CERES legal/IP framework that facilities both industry-university and multi-lateral industry collaboration. As of 2018, CERES has provided graduate student support of about $2.5M and continues to make new commitments. It has not only sparked faculty collaboration, but also new collaborative projects that have led to further industry contracts, National Science Foundation support, and other benefits. CERES includes faculty from CS, Biological Sciences, Booth, and several with strong Argonne ties and is an activity of the Physical Sciences Division.

Special Thanks

All of the faculty in CERES are especially grateful to the Seymour Goodman Foundation, whose early, generous support was essential in making the CERES Center possible!